Reiki Training

REIKI DURING SURGERY! Raven is leading the way for Reiki to be in operating rooms with patients as they endure surgeries. She is currently working with surgeons while forming a team of Reiki masters for this important work. THE PRACTICE OF HAVING REIKI MASTERS IN THE OR NEEDS TO GO GLOBAL!
We are living in times when the world needs more healers than ever before. Join the ranks of those who serve in this sacred and powerful way! is the home of Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC
For Reiki Masters only!

This is the ONLY training course available to Reiki Masters that teaches how to work safely and unobtrusively with a surgical team. This training program of Gold Standards and Best Practices has been developed by Raven Keyes through her years of working in the operating rooms of the top surgeons in America. It is a weekend course, and the price includes a 63 page Manual of the Gold Standards and Best Practices as well as an RKMRI Medical Reiki Master Certificate. This training is being offered in cities throughout the USA; if you are an interested Reiki Master, see the schedule to check for a class in your area.
Reiki Level I: The Foundation of Your Practice

Learn the history of Reiki, it’s principles and tenants. Be attuned to Reiki Level I and learn to give yourself a Reiki treatment. Become adept at administering Reiki treatments to others.

Since the ability to “be” a Reiki practitioner is transmitted in the attunement process, anyone can learn Reiki and be proficient at it! Reiki is intelligent energy that brings about healing at the deepest levels. In an enjoyable daylong workshop, you gain the information and ability to transmit Reiki Energy to yourself, your family members, your friends, your pets, and even your plants!

Course includes a manual containing all instructions and hand positions. You also receive a Reiki certificate suitable for framing.

Classes are from 10 am – 6 pm


Reiki Level II: For Mental and Emotional Clearing, Symbol Use &

The power of your Reiki is intensified through the attunement into Level II. Your Reiki work will reach deeper levels and work even faster. In Level II, you learn Reiki symbols and how to use them in treatments. You also learn how to perform mental and emotional clearing as well as how to do distance healing. Manual and Reiki II certificate suitable for framing are included.

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level I certification

Classes are from 10 am – 6 pm


Master Practitioner Course: For practicing Reiki at the highest level

This course is for those who have completed the first two levels and wish to work at the Master Level. You receive the Reiki Master Attunement to open the channels for you to heal on the spiritual level, learn the Master Symbol, and receive instructions on how to use this symbol in treatments. Legalities and places to practice Reiki professionally are also covered. Manual is included and you receive a certificate suitable for framing. After completing this level, you can seek employment in venues where Reiki is offered.

Pre-requisite: Reiki Levels I & II certification

Week-end course, Saturday & Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm


Reiki Master Teacher Course

This comprehensive Master Teacher training is for those who wish to teach Reiki to others. The class includes revelation of and attunement to the powerful Reiki Master Teacher Symbol. You receive meditations, complete instructions on how to teach, and how to attune others to the different Reiki Levels. You will receive the Reiki Master Teacher Manual and a certificate suitable for framing naming you Reiki Master Teacher.

Prerequisite: Reiki I, II and Master Practitioner certification

Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday
Friday: 7 - 9 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am – 6 pm

For Those Wishing to Teach Reiki